Delivering enhanced teaching and learning for K-12 schools

Utilise the latest in pedagogy and create interactive virtual classrooms, template courses and track student performance in real-time.

Pave a path for lifelong learning with software that:

  • Accommodates individualised learning and differentiated assessments
  • Supports the development of the whole student; their academic growth, extracurricular involvement and wellbeing
  • Tracks achievement for self-reflection and growth within your students
  • Improves daily workflows and centralises your systems with seamless, market-leading SIS and third-party integrations

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"Schoolbox provides an online environment that is extensively customisable to meet the College branding, extends and enhances the learning opportunities for students and facilitates numerous communication approaches to keep our families informed."

Brett Bastian, Director of ICT,
Genazzano FCJ College, Victoria, Australia