Teachers can streamline their work by collaborating when setting up class resources, identifying students needing assistance, posting updates to students and parents and assessing work. All without ever having to leave Schoolbox.

Students can take an active role in their learning by being able to view timetables, see assigned work, submit assignments and manage extracurricular activities.

Schoolbox also ensures parents are active and engaged members of your school community. Through a single point of access, parents can see what work their child has due, view reports, read announcements and be an active participant in their child's learning.

A learning management system (LMS) built for school collaboration

At the core of Schoolbox is our LMS. Designed for primary and secondary schools, Schoolbox is built with collaboration and student learning progress in mind. This enables schools to deliver courses aligned with their curriculum, ensuring a greater level of quality and consistency in teaching and learning.

Schoolbox's course builder lets teachers build courses, units and projects to create a consistent experience for students. The ability to apply course structure and resources across multiple classes reinforces this consistency while also reducing workload for teachers.

Schoolbox School Portal - Dashboard

Build a connected school community

Research shows a positive correlation between parent involvement and a student’s learning development. Our parent portal ensures they can take an active role in their child's learning. All from a single point of access, parents can:

  • View their child's timetables and extracurricular activities
  • Read news and updates from teachers and the school
  • See what work their child has been assigned and if anything is outstanding
  • Receive continuous feedback on their child’s progress
  • Directly communicate with teachers

Along with plenty of other great parental engagement features, this gives parents greater visibility over their child's learning and wellbeing. And by centralising all communication in the one platform, schools can ensure parents are always kept in the loop.

parent dashboard

Turn insights into action with helpful analytics

By bringing all your different ed-tech systems into the one place, Schoolbox enables intelligent insights into students' behaviour and learning.

From attendance to assessments, teachers can be automatically alerted to students needing extra support. Teachers and other relevant school staff also have access to a variety of easy to understand dashboards to view performance and trends at a glance. This gives schools an holistic understanding of how students are doing both academically and in their general wellbeing so they can receive the help and support they need.

student analytics

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