Schoolbox v18.2 Walkthrough


This webinar will take you through the standout Schoolbox v18.2 features, which include:

Due Work Filtering

We understand that a busy Due Work page can get a bit overwhelming for students, which is why we have now added filters to lessen the load.

Full-Screen Schoolbox

The long-awaited side menu stash will now enable you to enjoy your Schoolbox instance in full screen.

Other changes and features

Although this was a quick release, it still packs a pretty big punch. Other features you can expect to see include:

To find out more about v18.2, you can read the full release notes, now available on Schoolbox Help!

To receive the v18.2 Release Candidate

You will automatically receive pre-release updates of Schoolbox v18.2 on your dev server during the beta period. At the end of the beta period, we will announce our final Gold release with instructions on how to upgrade.