Schoolbox v18.1 Walkthrough


Tune in to our v18.1 webinar to hear all about the standout features of this major release.

School Communication and News

We’ve added several innovative improvements to News. These include:

  • News moderation, which can be configured to ensure articles are reviewed by dedicated news moderators, prior to publishing. 
  • An improved audience selector, including search and browse options, which make targeting articles even easier.
  • A save-for-later option — say what? Yes, you can now star articles and save them for later reading. 
  • And so much more! Tune in to our webinar to see what else we have in store for you.

Rubric Enhancements

We embarked on a significant research project to determine how teachers are using rubrics in Schoolbox and what they need to make them even more powerful. We identified two functions we could introduce: allowing a mark for each capability, and providing a range of marks for a single rubrics descriptor. These new functions can be used individually, or combined.

To find out all the nitty-gritty details of the rubric enhancements we’ve introduced, head over to our release notes and watch our webinar. 

Atlas Rubicon Course Importer

Years in the making, we’ve finally added the ability to import Atlas Rubicon curriculum data into Schoolbox for schools that are on the Pro or Elite plans. This means that teachers will now be able to import a course straight from Rubicon, without having to manually associate assessments and folders with curriculum codes.

Other Changes and Features

There’s plenty more to get excited about with this release, including:

Unfortunately, we can’t fit in all the updates and features of v18.1 here, so make sure you read the release notes and register for the v18.1 walkthrough webinar.